Training and Education

At Ferche, we believe that understanding what makes Ferche different helps understand our value.  Because of that, we look to empower our customers through educational growth and learning. We offer several formal training programs as well as plant visits/tours and other programs tailored for the specific needs of our customers.  The programs below are formal training programs that we offer nationwide to distributors, dealers, architects and many other customers who can benefit from the knowledge. Please contact your sales rep or contact Ferche directly to schedule a learning opportunity for your group.


Ferche 101

Ferche 101 is a comprehensive Ferche training program. It is ideal for organizations that sell and handle Ferche products. It highlights important materials, sourcing & manufacturing processes to set a foundation for understanding the breadth of Ferche's product offering. It explores Ferche's 10 series categories and their products, as well as Ferche collections, special products, customization capabilities and so much more. It ends with an overview of Ferche marketing materials, sales tools and other helpful resources to access Ferche information. It is a MUST for new hires or for refreshers to experienced employees.

PRO TIP: This program can equip someone with no knowledge of Ferche to have a complete understanding of the Ferche product offering. It won't necessarily make them an expert, but it will give them the tools and information to easily talk Ferche, our products and services and help customers find the right products among our over 13,000 different options. 


Wood 101 (AIA* & More**)

Wood 101 is an AIA accredited CEU course to expose the participant to the wonderful renewable resource that is wood, in a way they likely haven't seen before. It dives deep into the growth patterns, characteristics and properties of various species of wood. It explains the detailed process of cutting, grading, milling, drying and handling wood to prepare it to be manufactured. It also examines the manufacturing process, including proper handing, storage and finishing. It should be a pre-requisite course for anyone in the millwork industry to broaden their understanding of the products in the category and build a solid foundation for customer service, sales and so much more.

*This course is accredited with AIA and qualifies for 1 CEU Credit.
** This course is also accredited in several states for state license continuing education programs. Please contact us to see if we are, or can be, qualified in your state.

PRO TIP: This program will give you some amazing tools to help customers make good decisions when selecting species, or troubleshooting issues in the field when they arise. By understanding wood and proper handling, you will be able to give expert customer care and show tremendous value to the customer.


Fire-Rated Openings (AIA)

This AIA accredited program explains the exciting, and relatively new, product category of Fire Rated Wood Door Frames. As opposed to the traditional hollow-metal and other metal frames that have been the norm for decades in building applications requiring a fire-rating, this program exposes the participant the value, the quality and the advantages of using Fire Rated Wood Door Frames. Available in 20, 45, 60 and 90 minute configurations, the various options are discussed, as well as the installation methods and other important details. This is a must for architects who value aesthetics AND performance.

*This course is accredited with AIA and qualifies for 1.25 CEU Credits.

PRO TIP: Fire Rated Wood Door Frames are a relatively new product category and one that many architects and specifiers do not know exist. This program works to not only educate them about how they work, but expose them to their application, their simplicity and their aesthetic beauty so they think to specify them on their new job - especially jobs where appearance is important  - hospitality, high-end residential, assisted living and so much more.