Sales Tools

We know that the category of Mouldings is one with a lot of nuance. There are thousands of profiles to choose from, dozens of species and several ways to order. That can be challenging to deal with and it's a lot to ask anyone to be an expert in all of that. So, to make things easier, we've created a comprehensive set of sales tools to make understanding, selling and servicing Ferche products as easy as possible. From a rich and informative website, to beautiful displays, to tailored and award-winning printed materials, we have you covered for just about anything you need. And, best of all, you always have the people at Ferche to help you whenever you need it. Explore the options below and equip yourself with all the tools you need to be successful selling and servicing Ferche.



For your display needs, we stock our Tower Display, as well as 16 varieties of our grab-and-go Panel Display Boards. We also can offer custom displays for those showrooms with a specialty need or a unique space requiring a unique display. If you'd like to order stock displays, please contact your customer service representative. For custom displays, click here.


Printed Materials

For the showroom, as takeaways for customers, on the job site or on the go, our printed marketing materials will give you the information you need in your hands when you need it. Our offering includes the award-winning Book of Mouldings, the Book of Profile Line Drawings, the Door Components booklet and many more. All of our current literature can be found here with helpful hints and information about each. You can also request literature by completing the form located here.


Digital Materials

All of the most important Ferche information is available at your fingertips with our comprehensive digital tools. is a resource complete with product information, tools and resources, access to contacts and so much more. It's fully responsive, so it will work as well on your phone or tablet as it does on your desktop or laptop computer. It also includes our exclusive Ferche Pro-File Quoting System where you can create estimates with a few simple clicks. Now you can access all of your Ferche resources easier than ever.


Our People

Our most valuable resource to our customers is our people. From our leadership, to our incredible customer service staff, to our outstanding sales representatives, to the skilled workers throughout our manufacturing operation, we all work together to provide the highest level of service and ensure the products meet the standards of our customers. If you have questions, need special assistance, need a visit or anything else, our job is to serve you. We're just a phone call or email away, so please contact us at any time.