Available Sales Literature

At Ferche, we believe it's important to provide you with literature that is actually helpful. That's why we have put thought into our offering of sales material. With different types of pieces for different types of uses, and content to help you do more than show - but to sell -  the pieces below can act as sales tools for you, not just reference materials.


Book of Mouldings

The Award-Winning Book of Mouldings is a piece aimed at the consumer. It features our most popular residential collections and such complementary products as toppers, mantels and EZ Beam. Its large, beautiful photography and simple-to-follow format make it ideal for design centers and showrooms where customers select their moulding packages. It's tailored for easy upsell and quick comparison.

PRO TIP: The first few pages of the Book of Mouldings help tell Ferche's quality story. The product pages help show the products' beauty and hope to inspire the customer to find the right selection(s) for them, including add-ons like toppers, mantels and beams. The final pages let them choose their "flavor" (species). It was organized to walk a customer through the selection process from cover to cover. 


Book of Profile Line Drawings

The Book of Profile Line Drawings is our standard products catalog that features to-scale 3D line drawings including dimensions and part numbers. It is organized from 100-1000 series and even includes our most popular collections together on single pages. It is a must for the purchasing agents, architects, contractors, and anyone else who needs the specifics on Ferche products.

PRO TIP: Most of the profiles in the Book of Profile Line Drawings are to scale, so if you are trying to match something, you should be able to line it up with the drawing in the book. Also, there are notes and hints throughout the book to help ensure you order certain products properly. And, remember there are literally thousands of options not shown in the book, so explore our archives or call your customer service rep to help you find something unique.


Door Components Brochure

The Ferche Door Components booklet is a guide to all Ferche products made to work in and around door systems. It includes information on flat, rabbeted and split jambs and frames, veneered jambs, brickmould, stop, astragals, sills, thresholds, mull center/post and fire-rated products. If you are a pre-hanger or hang doors on the job site, make sure you explore our wide range of door component products.

PRO TIP: We make all types of jambs - from solid rabbeted jambs to veneer-wrapped particle board flat jambs AND we make all of the accessory mouldings - you can get it all in once place, so make sure and order everything you need.


Fire-Rated Door Frames Spec Sheet

The Ferche Fire-Rated Spec Sheet is a simple two-sides info sheet that has information about our Fire-Rated door frame products including the myriad of configurations, as well as the dimensional specs and confines based on each products' Warnock/Hersey Intertek ratings.

PRO TIP: Ratings for each product have minimum and maximum dimensions and are rated for minimum and maximum opening sizes. Consult the backside of the spec sheet to see if the items you require fit into those parameters. If they don't, we can request special certifications from the rating agency which can take a few weeks, so check early.


EZ Beam Brochure

The EZ-Beam booklet is a quick reference guide to the industry's most beautifully simple box beam system. It shows the basic installation method, as well as available features and product details.

PRO TIP: Check out the simple 3-part installation photos in this booklet (or the Book of Mouldings) to show how simple and quick it is to install EZ Beam. The savings in labor will help make this elegant "upgrade" feature an easy sell.


Ferche Display Tower Flyer

The NEW Ferche Display Tower flyer is a great sales tool to show off the high-quality 2'x2' spinning point-of-sale display. It features our most popular products in an efficient and elegant tower that takes up little room on the show-floor, but has maximum impact.

PRO TIP: These towers pack dozens of mouldings into a small space. Customers with even the smallest showroom can maximize their Ferche visibility. The best part - they are in stock and ready to ship!


Panel Display Board Flyer

This sell sheet features our grab-and-go display boards. It shows all 16 families available in the handy 12" x 20" grab-and-go panel displays. It also lists product numbers to make ordering a cinch.

PRO TIP: Since you can order just the families that you want, it allows for a super easy, super-tailored, mobile display option unlike anything else available. Customers throughout the country have utilized these display boards for in-store display, travelings sales people bring them along to sales calls and many other uses.


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